Project 1: 
Man, Woman and Car

Project 2: 
Brothers In Arms
Project 3: 
Mad Dogs & Englishmen

A romantic drama inspired by a true story.

Story of the Irish freedom-fighter and statesman Michael Collins. 

An action-packed comedy about love, scholarship and  extreme sports. [action/comedy]

Project 4:
  Project 5: 
Northern Lights

Project 6:

A romantic technothriller, a brilliant American scientist and  a beautiful Japanese executive share a huge dream. 

International domestic drama combining elements of KRAMER VS. KRAMER and NOT WITH OUT MY DAUGHTER.
 [domestic drama]

A contemporary tale of an immortal warrior who decides it's  time  to go out in a blaze of glory.  

Project 7:
Shop Talk

A contemporary character "dramedy" a la WORKING GIRL, set in the world of home shopping television.