Comments from major packaging agency coverage and a studio story consultant.

MAN, WOMAN & CAR is a very well-crafted, engaging and seductive story, which though it might not be true, reads like it's based on a true story. It tells the story of a plucky American socialite, who butts heads with Italian car-maker ENZO FERRARI over possession of a "last of the line" classic Ferrari Spyder. This story has a great Male/Female conflict, lots of racing sequences, a good love interest, local color and period setting. One recalls the early Cinerama film GRAND PRIX mixed with the Italian setting and a love of cars not unlike the old classic THE YELLOW ROLLS ROYCE.

"This has an excellent star-attracting lead in the role of WILLIE SMITH (30s-40s) fiery, passionate, beautiful and funny, the American "new woman" of the '50s is a very apt foil for the "old world" padrone, Ferrari. Theirs is a very well-delineated relationship, and along the way one realizes the author has wisely written no bad guys. Everyone has their flaws, everyone their virtues and in the end, everyone wins.

"The author does a great job with the structure, pacing and dialogue. One can also visualize magnificent scenes of not only a race sequence in Stuttgart, but also lovingly fast and sexy driving sequences in the Italian and California countrysides.

"This would be an excellent project to attach a name actress to. It has a multi-faceted female lead, and would be fabulous material for directors.

"RECOMMEND" - 1/6/99

"Script details the 'real-life' saga of Willie Smith's attempt to collect her Spyder from Enzo Ferrari... This battle of the sexes is made all the more controversial in the traditional Italian setting of Modena and the conservative time period of the 1950s. Well developed characters continue to grow and evolve as the story progresses. Both Willie and Ferrari come to find that human life and emotions are more important than the beautiful machines. It is this very realization that allows both parties to become better people...

"Ferrari and Willie are two headstrong characters that bring the story to fruition. Their magnetic personalities will draw the audiences in and the beautiful setting and race cars are the ultimate in visual eye candy for the time period.

"Story possesses a lot of heart. A great supporting cast is found in Raleigh who (perhaps) seduces Willie and believes in her abilities... Angela, the hotel owner, is the Italian version of Willie and they complement each other in their desires and strength as women. Buddy is a loving husband who strays, but manages to come off as an overall good guy. Willie likes him, so we like him because we trust her judgement. Dialogue is consistent with the characters and reads real.

"Overall, a fascinating true-to-life story... Script carefully juggles various elements of sexism, man versus machine and romance with great panache.

"A solid project worthy of actor and director consideration." - 3/2/99

A development consultant and analyst who has worked with United Artists, Kopelson Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment and others opined that…

"MAN, WOMAN & CAR has a great 'lucky factor': it's the kind of movie men and women will go to, they'll come out talking - not fighting - and probably 'get lucky' later. It's a commercial 'date film' for the audience that loved THE ENGLISH PATIENT and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE."