Tylfmh Productions is an independent motion picture and television production company based out of Sherman Oaks, California. 

Our mission is to develop, package and produce high quality projects for the feature film, cable and television markets.  

Our primary focus is the independent feature market place, 
and we are actively developing and seeking projects which combine commercial appeal, engaging and provocative subjects, and refined but energetic execution to attract mainstream talent and funding/distribution interest.  

All of our projects -- ranging from BROTHERS IN ARMS: The Story of  Michael Collins, to MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN (an 'extreme romantic comedy') reflect a concern for... 

  • Mainstream entertainment value
  • Classic film stories over 'flavor of the week' themes
  • Subjects with international audience appeal
    ... to fit the globalization of the entertainment market.  

Tylfmh Productions doesn't undertake 'genre' or exploitation  
pictures, and our budget range extends from $5 million (U.S.) and up.  

In most cases, our funding will be drawn from private investment, funding/co-production entities and presales appropriate to the subject, elements and budget of each project.